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Disk filters Disk filters

Disk filters have simple and safe frame, which minimizes the need for maintenance. In fact they integrate the benefits of the sand media filters and the screen filters -they are suitable at filtering both particulates, such as sand, and organic debris. These filters can withstand pressure drops and external stress, and their main feature is the strong, flexible filtering element.

The disk cartridge consists of small polyethylene discs, grooved on both sides. The filtration discs are tightly staked and compressed together by the spring (for the smaller models) or tightening nut (for the bigger models) on a specially designed spindle. When the disk elements are stacked, the grooves on top of every disk run opposite to the groove below. This creates a filtration "net" of intersecting grooves which trap the debris.

Cleaning of the disc filters is done by removing the disk cartridge from the filter’s body and unscrewing the disc's tightening nut. When the disks are released (no need to disassemble the cartridge) they need to be washed under strong flow of water. 

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Y-filter Disc Type "F" 2"

Price: 36.480лв.

Y-filter Disc Type "E" 11/4"

Price: 18.020лв.

Y-filter Disk Type "D" 3/4"

Price: 10.630лв.

Y-filter Disc Type "F" 11/2"

Price: 35.090лв.

Y-filter Disk Type "D" 1"

Price: 11.140лв.

Y-filter Disc Type "H" with clamp 3"

Price: 239.890лв.

Y-filter Disc Type "H" with clamp 2"

Price: 233.950лв.

Y-filter Disc Type "E" 11/2"

Price: 18.170лв.
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