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Adaptor 1 way for iDrop

Adaptor 1 way for iDrop

Price: 0.050лв.
Dripper iDrop Normal 4l/h

Dripper iDrop Normal 4l/h

Price: 0.140лв.
Dripper iDrop Normal 8l/h

Dripper iDrop Normal 8l/h

Price: 0.140лв.

Drip irrigation


Drip tape (22)

Irritec dripline tape isa cost-effective irrigation solution for annual straight row crops, (open field or greenhouses crops) such as tomatoes, strawberries, courgettes, peppers, potato, cucumber, onions, flowers etc.

Bi El Agro AD offers two major models of Irritec drip tapes. iSiplast Tape emitters are produced as one piece with the tape and they are part of the product itself. P1 drip tape emitters are manufactured separately and fused into the inner wall of the tubing at the time of production of the tape.



Main features


High performances of emission uniformity also in irrigation cycles with fertilizers

Possibility to reach considerable branch lengths

Technical characteristics reliable in the long run, in various environment conditions

The dripper's filter protects the labyrinth from clogging

Engineered with an efficient turbulent flow labyrinth, with characteristics for a higher emission uniformity, excludes sedimentation possibilities even at low working pressures

There are considerable savings of pumping costs due to the low working pressure

Irritec drip tapes are manufactured from quality raw materials

Online drippers (10)

Drippers can be categorized into groups according to specific criteria but there are two major categories – non-pressure compensating and pressure compensating drippers (flow regulated).


Pressure compensating drippers

Pressure compensating drippers are designed to release water at a uniform rate under a wide range of water pressures. They usually use silicone diaphragm which controls the flow rate.The diaphragm's movement depends on the pressure changes (it opens or slightly closes the dripper outlet).




Non-compensating drippers


A non-compensating dripper’s output flow rate varies according to the inlet pressures. If an irrigation system is installed on a slope, non-compensating drippers at the top will emit less water than those at the bottom because there will be higher water pressure at the bottom of the slope than at the top.


So, do you really need pressure compensated drippers?

The main reason for using PC drippers is the pressure changes into the main line or/and laterals which occurs under the following conditions: when the elevation difference of the irrigation area varies by more than 1.5 meters (slopes, hills, terraced fields etc.) or if you plan to use really long laterals.  


Dripline accessories (11)

Dripline support hooks

Dripline end clamps

Spikes for dripline

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