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All the units and pieces in the irrigation systems are connected by the fittings. In any situation – vineyard,open field, orchard or greenhouse - the correct choice of fittings is very important and will provide trouble-free operation of your irrigation system. Bi El Agro AD offers different types and wide range of high quality fittings available in several sizes from Irritec S.p.A. and OMVE S.r.l.


Compression fittings for PE pipes (230)

Working pressure

The Connecto line has been designed for maximum working pressures (PN ~ PFA *) of 10 bar (UNI 9562) from Ф 16 to Ф110, except for items 201, 210, 211, 221 with Ф 16 to Ф32, which can tolerate a maximum working pressure (PN ~ PFA *) of 12.5 bar. For details please see PN ~ PFA values shown for each individual product. 

Refence Standards

Working pressure: UNI 9561:2006; DIN 8076:2007; ISO 14236:2000; GW 335-B3:2011; SANS 14236:2003; AS/NZS 4129:2008.Polyethylene tubes (PE): UNI 7990:2004; UNI EN 12201-2:2004; DIN 8074:1999 Couplings: DM 174 06/04/2004; BS 6920:2000; W270; KTW Threading: ISO 7-1:2007; UNI EN 10226-1:2006; UNI EN ISO 228-1:2003; ANSI ASME B1.20.1:1983 Flanges: UNI EN 1092-1:2007; ISO 7005-1:2011


Locking bush (D) – polypropylene – colour: black

Flange (B) – propylene copolymer with colour additives, highly stable under UV rays and heat – colour: green

Bracket ring (C) – polyacetal resin (POM) – extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting – colour: white

Seal or Ring (E) – elastomeric nitrile rubber (NBR) – colour: black

Reinforcement ring – INOX AISI 430 steel for 2″ to 4″ female threading

Threaded fittings (132)

Threaded fittings of Irritec are designed to achieve an ideal compromise between mechanical strength and lightweight construction. All the fittings threads of the series are made to make a perfect seal, but for greater precaution is recommend to use Teflon tape.


Characteristics and materials:


Size range with threads: ¾” to 4”

Maximum working pressure: 10 bar at 20°C

Maximum operating temperature: 80°C

Used materials: polypropylene, colour – black

Clamp saddles (37)

The Clamp Saddle line has been designed for side outputs on Polyethylene pipes (PE). The saddle clamps аре simple to use and perfectly watertight. The range of saddle clamps is ideal for irrigation or for the conveyance of fluids for human consumption as the materials used comply with current national and internationa legislation. Bi El Agro AD offers Irritec clamp saddles with single output. They have diameters for the coupling with Ф 20 to Ф 110 mm PE pipes and threaded outputs (1/2” to 3”), provided with 2 and 4 bolts according to the diameters.


Working pressure

The range of saddle clamps withstands a maximum working pressure (PN ~ PFA*) varying between 6 and 16 bar, at a temperature of 20 °C. For details please see PN ~ PFA values shown for each individual product.

Relevant legislation: For PE tubes UNI 7990, DIN 8074, EN 12201 Threading: UNI ISO 7/1, UNI ISO 228/1, ANSI ASME B1-20.1 International standards: ISO 13460



Body and cover (A) - compounded polypropylene copolymer with high UV stabilisation – colour: black

Seal (B) - elastomeric nitrile rubber (NBR) – Shore 70A – colour: black

Nuts (C) 5588 - UNI 5588 standard nuts – colour: chrome-plated steel

Bolts (D) - tropicalised steel – chrome-plated bolts with hexagonal heads and UNI5739 thread

Layflat fittings - metal galvanized type FERRARI (172)

Wide range of quick release steel fittings (couplings type "FERRARI") and accessories for pumping and irrigation from OMVE s.r.l.


  • Hot-dip galvanized steel quick release couplings with hose tails for LAYFLAT
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel suction and discharge units for water pumpsets.
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, bends, end plugs, tees and cross fittings with quick release couplings


Maximum working pressure of female coupligs type "Ferrari" is varying between 6 and 10 bar depends on the coupling diameter. 


"FERRARI" couplings materials

(A) - galvanized steel ring

(B) - galvanized steel weld-on male

(C) - seal, rubber O-ring

(D) - galvanized steel weld-on female with two hooks




Layflat fittings - plastic (17)

Irritec special design makes these fittings the easiest to install in all types layflat.


Main features:

Durable construction.

Unique barb design for superior sealing.

High degree of chemical resistance.

Compatible with all layflat brands.

Available in 2”, 3”and 4”.

Coupler, Barb x Spigot and Male Adapter Configurations.

UV protected polypropylene.

Installs with worm gear or T-Bolt clamps.

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